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Alicia Adams at Privet House

Soft as a baby’s kiss, Alpaca wool is being rediscovered as an under-the-radar luxury alternative to cashmere. As the principle material of Incan textiles for thousands of years, alpaca wool, “the gold of the Andes,” has always been highly sought after.

Today, the fashion world cherishes alpaca not only for its scarcity but also for its fineness, durability, hypoallergenic and lightweight qualities. Alicia Adams Alpaca, a family-owned business located near Millbrook NY is mining this treasure, creating personal luxuries ranging from throws and blankets to capes and ponchos from wool shorn from their own herd of two hundred rare Suri alpacas.

Alicia Adams, founder and creative director of Alicia Adams Alpaca, works with a small team of international designers to produce sustainable luxury, featuring sophisticated classics with a modern edge. These sumptuous creations recently captured the attention of Richard Lambertson and Suzanne Cassano, partners in Privet House, a New Preston shop they bill as an “emporium of home goods, antiques and curiosities.”

“For Privet House, it was love at first sight,” they wrote. “We fell hook, line and sinker for this luxury lifestyle brand and it singular dedication to alpaca wool. What’s not to love about a business that is family-owned and operated; that is local to the Northeast and has a deep connection to the land; that is a champion of sustainability and that is socially conscious and a proponent of artisans, hence, supporting the handmade as opposed to the mass produced.”

Lambertson and Cassano recently opened Privet Lives at 13 East Shore Road, a cozy little shop adjoining its bigger sister. Privet Lives is designed to constantly evolve, forever celebrating brands, designers and artisans that Lambertson and Cassano admire. In December, it will be Alicia Adams products on view at Privet Lives, in a show that opens Friday and continues through January 3rd.

For more information contact 860-868-1800